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A conversation or workshop to clarify the challenges you are facing
We co-create a solution with you tailored to your exact requirements
We deliver what we’ve designed, monitor progress and adjust where necessary
We instil a passion for learning and development that persists after we leave


CBP facilitate the development, and accelerate the implementation, of our strategy. Put simply, they help us get where we want to go faster, catalysing the decision making and team communication processes – motivating our people, building a high performance learning culture, and saving us both time and money.

John Newman - Director of Customer Success, Anderson Acoustics

This training dispelled my criticisms, humbled me and gave me an arsenal of tools to help me be a better manager. There was so much I didn’t know. Not only did they help me realise it, they gave me the confidence to take that knowledge to my day-to-day.

Mikey Allan - Senior Manager, Brandwatch

This is the best thing any company has given me ever. I loved every minute of the training with Jamie & Lasy. The sessions were always the highlight of my week, and I knew I’d come away from each one knowing myself a little better, which is an enormous gift. The course was a huge boost for me in terms of empathy with those with different dispositions to myself, and really helped me navigate some difficult waters. Would love to learn from them again!

Ali Lockie - Senior Manager, Brandwatch

Lasy is a laser-guided weapon against group-think. She monitors the group dynamic and injects challenge, caution and urgency when needed. Her wider business experience significantly contributes to decision making and helps avoid industry-specific tunnel vision often experienced by SME management teams.”

John Newman, Director of Customer Success – Anderson Acoustics

Jamie has added a huge amount of insight and expertise into the business as a Non-Exec Director, helping the team reflect on where we have been, where we are going and why we are doing it! Whilst new to the education sector, he has been a huge asset, learning quickly about the funding and political environment around education and acting as both critical friend to the company and sounding board for key decisions. Currently helping us developing ideas around bringing in investment and new strands of the business, he has become an important member of the team and gives much more than a consultant would normally offer.

Dan Wallman - MD - DV8 Sussex

The work done with Lasy and Jamie has really helped me to feel confident in my decisions, more supported (and therefore less stressed) and better able to deal with difficult situations. I think my team is feeling the benefit of that already and I certainly am.

Bex Carson - Senior Manager, Brandwatch

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