Our Approach

Jamie and Lasy struck a great balance between making sure we were progressing and giving us the space and time we needed to learn from each other too.

 Rob Stanley, Senior Manager – Brandwatch

Our Approach

Our objective is to create self supporting learning organisations, so our approach is based upon the following principles:

  • We learn best by doing: all our work is highly experiential
  • The best learning comes from solving real problems: we only work with current business challenges
  • Using simple, proven and easy-to-apply models means our clients rapidly develop the core skills that underpin successful leadership, communication and collaboration
  • Real change requires time for practice and reflection: we build that into our processes
  • As we work with you, your needs change: we keep you on your learning edge and adjust our approach appropriately.
  • Self-sufficiency is the ultimate outcome: we transfer relevant skills to you and leave a legacy of co-created sustainable processes
  • Co-creating solutions leads to better results and deeper commitment: we work closely with you to help you resolve your own challenges

As experienced facilitators and psychotherapists, we create a working environment where it is safe to learn from mistakes.  A place where people can learn from mistakes and challenge each other so that participants can develop their intuition and have the confidence to apply their newly acquired skills.

As psychotherapists we understand group dynamics in a way that other trainers will fail to.  We know how to harness resistance, develop confidence and invite engagement.  This is how we enable real change in organisations… change that continues to flourish long after we have left.

We’ve developed a range of programme frameworks to help with this.  And, we’ll also happily run a one-off workshop or session for you.

Leading From Vulnerability

LEADING FROM VULNERABILITY There was a something I was painfully unaware of when I transitioned into my first management role...

The best learning comes from solving real problems – so we only work on real business challenges.
Conscious Business People