Non-Executive Directors

Lasy is a laser guided weapon against group-think

John Newman, Director of Customer Success – Anderson Acoustics

Non-Executive Directors


We join your board or senior team as a non-executive director (NED), typically for a day or two a month, depending on your needs.

In a NED role we can:

  • provide decades of experience from directorial and industry roles
  • manage conflict and break deadlocks – as psychotherapists we work more productively with the group’s dynamics than traditional consultants
  • be an impartial, independent voice and sounding board
  • call on wide experience from working with many different business types
  • provide specialist knowledge such as management and leadership development
  • make constructive challenges and contributions to the development of strategy
  • help monitoring and offering feedback about performance of management in meeting-agreed goals and objectives
  • select new appointments and succession planning
  • understand and manage risk
  • help you connect with our networks of useful people and organisations


“Lasy is a laser-guided weapon against group-think. She monitors the group dynamic and injects challenge, caution and urgency when needed. Her wider business experience significantly contributes to decision making and helps avoid industry-specific tunnel vision often experienced by SME management teams.”
John Newman, Director of Customer Success – Anderson Acoustics

“Jamie has added a huge amount of insight and expertise into the business, helping the team reflect on where we have been, where we are going and why we are doing it! Whilst new to the education sector, Jamie has been a huge asset, learning quickly about the funding and political environment around education and acting as both critical friend to the company and sounding board for key decisions. Currently helping us developing ideas around bringing in investment and developing new strands of the business, Jamie has become an important member of the team and much more than a consultant would normally offer.”
Dan Wallman, Managing Director – DV8 Sussex

“I have found Lasy extremely helpful in enabling me to continue to grow and develop to meet the challenges of running a growing social enterprise. She has provided me with the perfect mix of professional expertise and advice along with sensitive emotional support. I have also appreciated that she is willing to challenge my perspective when needed and is very responsive to what is needed on the day”
Joy MacKeith, Strategic Director – Triangle

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An impartial independent voice and sounding board

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