Our Ethos

Our Ethos

We believe that business is an inevitable product of society, but… how we do business is choice.



Businesses that are more conscious make better decisions; for themselves, their stakeholders and for society in general.

This is, in part, as it’s much harder to ignore the inconvenient consequences when you actively engage with them. On the flip side, well-thought out positive outcomes are hugely motivating. We want to improve society through conscious business and we’re driven by far-reaching impact; for companies, for the working individuals, their colleagues, customers and society as a whole.



Conscious business is about being more aware of how we act and behave, and what we think and experience, as we do it. It’s about the impact of our decisions beyond our immediate selves – both now and in the future. This leads to making smarter decisions, more quickly, more honestly, more collaboratively and with a fuller set of information.

Because of this we are able to make deeper commitments, and experience the harmony and drive of greater alignment. More commitment and alignment leads to better follow through, accountability and results, essentially the holy grail of ‘employee engagement’.

It also leads to a business which is more responsive, innovative, which generates higher quality output, and more value for everyone; customers, staff and a much broader set of stakeholders.

There is plenty of evidence to support these suggestions. Businesses that adopt this approach do well financially, generating higher levels of sustainable profit, especially in the medium to longer term. They are more attractive places to work, and stronger, better respected brands.

Studies such as Firms of Endearment and the Nuttall Review of Employee Ownership repeatedly demonstrate this.

Our legacy for our clients is the ability to make quicker, more effective, and more conscious decisions, and implement them better, with better and more sustainable results.

You can read more about CB here – Part 1 and Part 2 – in the world’s first journal edition dedicated to Conscious Business.

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We’re driven by far reaching impact – for companies, for the working individuals, their colleagues, customers and society as a whole.

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