What We Do

CBP help us get where we want to go faster, building a high performance learning culture, and saving us both time and money

John Newman – Director of Client Success, Anderson Acoustics

What we do

We work with clients who desire real sustainable change, are up for challenging themselves, and are committed to learning. We enjoy a challenge, having a positive impact and focusing on finding – and addressing – causes, rather than managing symptoms. Typically, our clients ask us to help them with:

  • Leadership: Authentic leadership and management, and related skills such as coaching, delegation and empowerment
  • Accountability and engagement: For whole companies, teams, or individuals
  • Conflict: Working with conflict in healthy ways or resolving persistent friction
  • Effective communications: Having difficult conversations, working effectively with differing personalities and related skills such as feedback, adult-to-adult communications
  • Strategy, values and vision: Either developing, or implementing across the business
  • Strategic thinking: For new leaders or senior teams
  • Innovation, creativity and becoming a ‘Learning Organisation’: Co-creating cultures where innovation is king
  • Peer to peer support: Co-creating processes for teams or leaders to manage their own development
  • Consultancy skills: Selling, account management, profitability and all the aspects that aren’t ‘technical expertise’
  • Collaboration: Increasing collaboration between groups and reducing silos
  • Insights discovery: Working with individuals or teams around difference
  • Employee ownership: Helping with the transition to an EO company, or working on the culture once you are there (we are employee owned, and work for the Employee Ownership Association)

How we do it

We really like to get under the skin of your challenges so we can understand what is actually happening – and why. Once we’re clear, we will co-design a solution with you to create the maximum impact possible within your constraints.

Where we feel there is a better outcome possible we will collaborate with associates to integrate tools or services, or involve your own people in providing aspects of the solution.

Once we’ve started, we check-in regularly to invite and offer feedback and collaboratively adjust the plan where necessary. Examples of the sorts of things we do, and what our clients say about us, are on the Case Studies page.

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